The Top 10 weirdest museums around the world

The Top 10 weirdest museums around the world

There are tons of articles out there featuring all sorts of interesting and weird museums all around the world, but many of the museums featured in these articles seem to be boring and not a place I would visit anytime, like ever. That’s why i’ve decided to make my own collection of Top weirdest museums around the world. In this article I’d like to feature museums which give you a real experience and which entertain in the same time. There will be some creepy ones too just for the sake of weirdness.

Mob Museum

I found it weird that this museum is not featured anywhere, but it’s probably because not that many people know that it exists?  If you want a creepy yet entertaining museum and learn some about the history of organized crime, which is mainly rooted in the history of organized crime in Italy, then this is a very interesting place to visit. There will be lots of photos, lots of history, police records and several exhibits. You can get to see the objects owned by world famous mob family members such as the notorious Al Capone. Check out this museum if you have a few hours to spend in Las Vegas. The museum was featured in one series of Mob Wives that’s when I learned of its existence.


Manga Museum activity room

Japanese anime and manga are real cultural icons. They are the basis and the foundation of the japanese and the „weeaboo” culture. There are millions around the world who are literally crazy for Mangas and anime and read them all. Manga has its own terms, own symbols and some of its booklets are as large as a regular old-time phone book. When I was in Japan, I was mesmerized by the sight of all the beautifully colorful manga books ( and later got slightly dissappointed to learn that apart from the cover, everything is mostly featured in black & white) Now, Kyoto Manga museum is like a temple dedicated to everything in connection with manga and anime. You can read thousands of manga booklets here, learn about the main manga stories, writers and drawers, learn about all the story types. You can shop manga and watch anime. You even get the chance to create your own manga. Plus you can even eat out here. Situated in the beautiful historical town of Kyoto, Japan, this serves as a fantastic addition to a manga fan tourists route.

Cup Noodles Museum, Osaka Japan

Cup Noodles Museum is very popular among Japanese

The world’s one and only Instant Ramen Museum or Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum this museum is much more than it looks to be. It’s an exhibition and entertainment centre for people of all age. We all eat cup noodles or instant ramen these days and we know that they come in all shape, color and form. But let’s learn more about where traditional Japanese ramen noodles come from and how the first ramen-ya was born. It’s also important to know that ramen is just one out of the several types of noodles done and served in Japan, including the soba and tempura noodles. Somehow it’s still ramen which because the most popular out of all. The Cup Noodle Museum features tons of interesting things to feature including.
  • Chicken ramen factory
  • The history of ramen
  • The factory where you can create your very own cupnoodle soup!
Apart from that there is a drama theatre a huge exhibition of international instant noodles from everywhere and a tunnel has over 800 packages of instant ramen on display! There is so much more to this place, so if you visit Osaka make some time to check it out!

The Museum of Torture, Prague, Czech Republic

Torture museum exhibition

I didn’t know about this place for a long time, but then have learned that there are several people who specifically visit Prague to be able to pay a visit in this Castle Museum featuring Medieval Torture Objects and that this museum is in fact among the top 10 most visited attractions of the city. Specifically for the fans of horror movies, the museum has some of the largest collection of real torture objects which were used back in the Middle Ages. Some of the objects are very surprising, shocking and to enhance the effects some of the uses are featured with the help of wax figures too.

a fragment of the exhibition of the Occult Museum

I personally am not a big fan of horror movies but I have greatly enjoyed and found the Amityville horror series mesmerizing especially because they tell about stories which happened in real life. That’s exactly why the Warren collection can be very tempting to see for all those who like to learn about haunted and occult objects and learn about how these objects can gain negative powers. Learn more about some of the haunted objects which can be found in the collection and visit the website. Unfortunately the museum is not functioning now but hopefully it will open again soon.

Spy Museum Entrance

There isn't one people in the world who wouldn't be interested in learning more about the methods of spying. Now, here is your chance to do so, by visiting a very unique museum in Washington DC.
Located in the lovely historical quarter of the town the International Spy Museum is becoming one well known attraction of the city. If you are fan of the James Bond Series and other spy movies, then you will love this place. They feature all sorts of older and newer tools which were really used for spying and by international spies.  These espionage artifacts are surprising, shocking and sometimes even funny.

the opening scene as you step in to the House of Terror

If you want to learn about the hard times, the opression and daily life and all the terror in the communist times, which reigned in Hungary and Eastern Europe especially between the 50ies and 70ies then you ought to pay a visit to this very special  museum located in the downtown of Budapest where you can learn a lot about the types of terror exercised by the Soviet System, ranging from the types of propaganda, learning about the paid informant system and other very interesting facts from history. You can get to see a real Soviet tank, a Russian luxury car (Chaika GAZ-12) -which was used by the highest ranked Russian and Communist politicians and so much more.

Turtle visitor at the Underwater Museum

I was very pleased to find out about this museum because it's beautiful, out of the ordinary and it's not in a weird, strange, terrifying way. The Cancun Underwate Museum looks simply amazing and it can be visited either wearing a diving suite or with a glass bottomed boat if you would not like the direct contact with water. The alonestanding museum consists of over 500 sculptures and it’s definitely a place which you will never forget. The museum was constructed in the waters between Isla Mujeres and Cancún which means that the water is guaranteed mild if not warm throughout the year. In addition, all scupltures are made out of such special materials, which are inviting for sea creatures to establish life on or inside. This way, the museum is also to show how human art can peacefully integrate with wildlife. Definitely a must-visit place.

cardplayers' scene from the Plastinarium

A very controversial museum to date, which was also featured in James Bond Casino Royale is a  unique place where you can learn tons about anatomy by seeing real life organs and human bodies which were preserved by Gunther Von Hagens by using a very specific plastination, a process which can be called like a modern mumification. This way human tissues are preserved for a very long time. The place is a Nr.1 point to visit by students who learn to become doctors and everyone who would like to learn more about the human body. Warning: this exhibition is not for the faint hearted.

Barbie Museum, Montréal, Canada
Barbie Museum exhibition

Who would have thought that there is in fact a museum featuring Barbie dolls only and exclusively. And these are not ordinary Barbie dolls but dolls dressed by famous designers and dolls which are featured as famous cartoon characters. This makes this museum a place for fashion and Barbie lovers likewise. Definitely a fun program if you have a few hours to explore.

Honorable mentions:
The below museums are weird but might be too small to enlist or might be an alternate to one of the genres featured above.
  • Houdini Museum – NYC US teaching about the life and career of the world-famous Houdini who was the world’s first ever escape artist ( in fact he made the term too) The small museum features real life objects the artist used throughout his career and there are also some presentations showing us how the escapes happened
  • Museum of Fear and Wonder, Calgary, Canada – featuring all sorts of interesting and haunted objects at a farmhouse location providing free guided tours during the summer for all those interested.
  • Doll Museums around the US: check out the Spruce for doll museums in the United States Unfortunately the fear of dolls has grown so much in the past decades that the world’s most famous doll museum in Paris also had to close its doors.
  • The world’s largest toy museum: if you are the fan of toys and would like a great program for you or your family, then check out one of this museum’s locations featuring old and famous toys from all sorts of worldwide known cartoons. This is a real Mecca of toy lovers and collectors.
Articles of interest: get further info about other weird museums internationally.


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