Murano Glass Museum and Gaetano Pesce exhibition

Gaetano Pesce – an exhibition that leaves you breathless
As you may know I happen to visit Venice at least once a year and when I’m there I like to stay at least two weeks. I consider the area as my second home and I can earnestly say that there is no other area, besides my home city which I know better than the Venice –Mestre-Marghera section.
However this time around, I decided to also pay a visit to Murano, the nearby Venice-like city, which is world famous for its impeccable quality glasswork, which has been bought by the richest in the whole world for more than a few centuries.

Sadly I could not spend a whole lot of time in Murano because first of all it was dead hot, second of all it was a Sunday, when most of the stores and museums are pretty much closed, so we ended up visiting the only nearby museum which was open, the Murano Glass Museum. And what a great idea it was. Although the tickets are not too cheap ( around EUR 15 per person but cheper if you are with family in which case you can buy family tickets) it’a all the worth the visit.

The Murano Museum of Glass is not a large museum but it has been renovated recently, it has a lovely lush garden also filled with glass artworks and a pretty good air conditioning which comes handy when it’s hot outside.

The museum is filled with glassworks, from the smallest pearl sized glass, to historical pieces, some of which are over a hundred years old! You can also get to see the largest and most equisite glass chandeliers you have ever seen in your life and I can guarantee that to you.  However this post of mine as you may have guessed from the title is about one specific exhibition that left me breathless and helped me find my new favorite artist ( with Mori Mariko being the first one).

When I have seen the exhibition I must earnestly say I did not know nothing about the artist itself. But the blue- green plate like creation which you can get to see on the top right corner of my cover photo was the first piece that called my attention. Then came the rest. Unfortunately I could not make as many and as good photos as I originally wanted ( they had the „no photo sign everywhere” but the ladies were kind enough to let us snap a few photos). After taking a deeper view on his creations I have realized how artistic they are and how hard a work and how much of a design skill it takes to make such wonderful creations. 

I do hope you can see what I’m talking about from my photos altough my phone is not the best quality but I did all my best to enhance quality so that I can present something higher quality to you. What makes his glass creations outstanding is the the high variety of different textures and the depth he creates within his work with layering and other diverse techniques. 

Gaetano Pesce - a fantastic glass creation. As you can see the glass is absolutely transformed and the texture is closer to sand. It's just fantastic. I am so sad my photo cannot really give it back but I tried my best. 

Since then I’ve learned more about the artworks of Mr. Pesce and if you pay a visit to his website you will INSTANTLY be amazed. I must earnestly say I’ve never seen such outstanding examples of modern art nowadays. What I found interesting is that the artist initially started with industrial and architecture design and only after that he started to make other creations such as the lovely glass creations you can get to see on the photos.

Visit Gaetano Pesce webite and marvel at the fantastic creations of the Italian master.  I hope you will enjoy it and follow my blog for more news on Venice and arts. And don't miss out on visiting Murano once you are in Venice. It's only a 20 minute ride :)


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